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Athlete Insights: Improving how student-athletes and brands build partnerships

Brands need insights. Student-athletes need better NIL partners. This is a win-win.

March 28, 2024

A new way to build partnerships

MarketPryce's new Athlete Insights feature helps brands and student-athletes build meaningful relationships.

Our most recent software update introduces automated feedback, asking athletes to share their thoughts a few weeks after a match is confirmed.

We know the best NIL partnerships are built on authenticity, when a student-athlete is genuinely passionate about the product they're promoting. Athlete Insights give brands valuable feedback while also highlighting those promising, authentic matches.

Athletes will automatically be invited to share:

  • What they liked about a sample
  • What they would change
  • Whether they’d like to work together
  • How they’d like to collaborate
  • And how they’d like to be paid

This information can help brands plan impactful campaigns with athletes who are also brand fans.

Why does it matter? Sharing is caring

MarketPryce athletes are never expected to post or create content in exchange for free samples (remember: we're chasing authenticity here).

But feedback is just as valuable. That’s especially true for brands trying to understand their place among Gen Z consumers.

MarketPryce brand House Pickleball has already received meaningful insights on the shape of the paddle, quality of its grip and feedback on available colors. Here's a snippet of feedback from a new House Pickleball brand fan:

I really liked the brand identity of House, I thought the colors, quality and packaging represented what their mission is well. I never played a real pickleball game prior to receiving the gear, but it got me to get out there and play and I had an awesome time, the paddles worked great and I felt like they looked great too.

Plus, it’s an easy way for athletes to get on the same page when it comes to next steps.

We help athletes share whether they want to:

  • Create content
  • Share affiliate links
  • Attend in-person events and promotions
  • Or share samples with friends and teammates

We also make it easy for athletes to say whether they’d collaborate for free samples or cash, taking the edge off sometimes awkward conversations.

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Part of a bigger goal

We’re doing everything we can to help brands and athletes build authentic, mutually beneficial relationships.

In the coming weeks, we will share updates: 

  • To the athlete experience, making it easier to learn about a brand before opting in or out of a match.
  • To the brand experience, making it easier for brands to track which athletes have received samples, and which still need them.

Piece by piece, we’re creating tools – and a community – to help brands and athletes succeed.

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