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The power of authentic ambassador relationships: UGC that resonates

MarketPryce powers Gen Z product gifting with no expectations. The results have been, in some ways, surprising.

May 6, 2024

Student-athletes are creating stellar content for brands at MarketPryce.

We built MarketPryce with a belief that relationships are more valuable than content.

We still believe that. But as more and more brands use our platform, it's becoming clear the two aren't mutually exclusive.  

For context, consider our primary goals since late 2023:

  1. Help brands gift product to elite Gen Z quickly and efficiently
  2. Help brands discover authentic brand fans and build relationships with them

Brands on MarketPryce are no longer losing hours looking for ambassadors and tracking down their addresses. Check.

Brands on MarketPryce are dodging contrived, pay-to-post deals by finding real fans first. Check.

We saw all of this coming — even if we were a bit overly optimistic — but here’s the interesting part: Gifting without expectation is also generating great content.

What we thought might require a suite of tech solutions is happening organically.


Take it from Mark Vermylen, Founder at House Pickleball.

“It’s authentic communication and relationship building," he said. "By having MarketPryce facilitate those connections, it just makes it easy for me versus cold DMing. It gives you the confidence to speak informally.”

In other words: There’s no awkward introduction. No negotiating promotion costs up front. No ghosting or wasted conversations. No pressure to rush into an overwhelming ambassador program.

Brands: Your first 3 matches are FREE

House Pickleball’s fans are posting in-feed without pushing for compensation. They’re adding Mark on LinkedIn and cheering him along his journey as a first-time founder. They’re getting out to courts and sharing the paddles with their friends.

And he’s not alone. Here are some of our favorite athlete-created content pieces that have blossomed naturally.

House Pickleball

Geanice Morales (Providence softball) is one of nearly 75 student-athletes Mark and House Pickleball have gifted through MarketPryce. She’s just one member of the growing MP x House community who has posted in-feed about the paddles.

Others like Morgan Truitt (Lindsey soccer) and Skylar Lee (Blue Mountain Christian softball) have Collaborated with House Pickleball on Instagram too.

Núnoo bags

Faith Sibert (Felician volleyball) connected with Núnoo bags through a MarketPryce gifting campaign for International Women's Day. She’s one of 25 women who received a bag and one of a few who have shared their Núnoo product in-feed.

This is a premium post for Núnoo from a real fan and nothing about it is forced.

[check out the in-feed post]

Savanna Morris (Pepperdine track & field) who is both a student-athlete and a singer (the talent!) posted these photos after falling in love with her Núnoo.

Gameday Couture

Florida cheerleader Taylor Dean matched with Gameday Couture through a Gifting campaign. After posting about the product, she messaged the lifestyle apparel brand through MarketPryce:

“I LOVED the products you sent and would love to collaborate more! I have gotten so many compliments already by just wearing the sweatshirt one time!”

Talk about authentic fandom.

[check out the in-feed post]

VKTRY Insoles

Louise Stonham (Long Beach track) matched with VKTRY and quickly fell in love with the insole's added support during her runs. Not only did she post mentioning VKTRY, she created a Reel sharing what she loves about it.

That's a win.

JUARA Skincare

Brianna Brown (Texas at Arlington) is creating content at a high level. So JUARA was naturally excited to see her fall in love with the product and share it as part of her nighttime routine.

RECO Recovery

Riley Sowders (Longwood soccer) realized RECO could fit authentically into her daily life once she tested the recovery device at home. She moved into an affiliate relationship with RECO, setting the stage for this day-in-the-life Reel that became one of the young brand's most-liked posts of all time.

Fluid Nutrition

Fluid is building relationships with athletes across the country (and saving a ton of time doing it). Elena Opp, a Colorado thrower, is passionate about recovery and shared an unboxing video before even sampling the goods.

Bryn Underwood (American field hockey) has grown into an ambassador role for Fluid. She recently shared Fluid products with her entire team and brought some along for a weekend tournament.


Slane Glover (Ohio State cheer) is the first of a team of affiliates who connected with Nike through MarketPryce. He was excited to create content showcasing his gifted fit.

From his rival Michigan cheer team, Ava Axelrood shared her own gifted Nike fit on campus.

Making a second appearance on the list: Geanice with the clean transition.

Stakt Mat

Alexa Huerta (Houston Christian soccer) matched with Stakt mat through an MP Gifting campaign. She was elevated to an affiliate role and is authentically sharing her Stakt mat with her followers.

[view the in-feed post]

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