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Building relationships that power irl activations with American Crew

The American Crew team at Revlon found a clever way to leverage relationships with Florida State student-athletes.

May 7, 2024

Florida State athletes helped show off the American Crew Mobile Barbershop in Tallahassee.

We talk a lot about how brands who foster authentic relationships with student-athletes on MarketPryce are:

A recent activation from REVLON’s American Crew team highlighted another opportunity for brands who are eager to partner with student-athletes: On-campus moments.

American Crew's Florida State NIL Activation

To promote its American Crew Mobile Barber truck appearance in Tallahassee, the REVLON team partnered with Calvin Groenewold, Jaden Floyd, Kevin Knowles II, Max Thorpe, Jesse Jones and Mathew Iverson.

These current and former Nole student-athletes supported the activation with Story and in-feed posts that garnered thousands of views and engagements. They also supported American Crew content creation that recapped the event on YouTube and other social platforms.

Look, we know every brand isn't going to pull its mobile barbershop from campus to campus for national activations. But there's a lesson here from the American Crew team any brand can learn from: Relationships will power your next on-campus event.

Maybe that's a new product launch or a regional campaign or something in between. Your MarketPryce roster is going help you feel confident going into your next activation — just like a fresh cut.

Student-athletes bring credibility to any irl event and will power content that looks and feels culturally relevant.

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