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NIL Gift Guide: National Student-Athlete Day

MarketPryce student-athletes can choose gifts from these brands as we celebrate National Student-Athlete Day

April 4, 2024

From sunglasses to cookies that demand death to mediocrity. There's something for every student-athlete.

The NIL Season of Gifting is back for National Student-Athlete Day (April 6).

The following brands are excited to share free product with every student-athlete on MarketPryce.

Student-athletes are invited to choose a gift from the storefront and a send a gift to another student-athlete. This campaign is all about supporting the culture drivers on campus.

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Knockaround (SOLD OUT!) 

Centered around durable shades that are both practical and stylish, Knockaround provides high-quality sunglasses that won’t break the bank.

Check out their site.

Last Crumb (SOLD OUT!)

Death By Chocolate. Need we say more?

This luxurious collection has it all: Dark chocolate. Milk chocolate. Rich chocolate. Dutch chocolate. Chocolate chips and chocolate chunks. Chocolate swirls, chocolate crumble, chocolate filling, chocolate ganache. Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate.

Check out their site.

Essence Cosmetics (SOLD OUT!) 

A small team dedicated to bringing affordable, fun, and high quality products into the serious world of cosmetics.

Check out their site.

Fuel Goods (SOLD OUT!)

Courteney and Laura are former student-athletes who went pro and, along the way, learned what a big part of the game nutrition is. That’s why they created Fuel Goods.

This isn’t just any old box of goodies; it’s the crème de la crème of sports nutrition curated specifically for YOU: The student athlete who’s balancing equations, practices, and all life has to throw your way.

Check out their site.

The Perfect Jean (SOLD OUT!) 

The most comfortable f#%k'n jeans, tees, khakis, and hoodies on Earth! Their super soft and stretchy materials provide the perfect fit, head to toe.

Check out their site.

Fluid Nutrition (SOLD OUT!) 

This family owned and operated company is on a mission to create the best tasting, most effective drink mixes for hydration, sport, and recovery.

Check out their site.

CompressionZ (SOLD OUT!)

CompressionZ is meticulously designed to provide the most comfortable and functional clothing to help people feel good, look good, perform better, relax more and recover faster.

Check out their site.

For Wellness (SOLD OUT!)

Meet your new secret weapon.

For your body and mind. Nutritious, delicious products to help you feel good and perform at your best every day. Driven by science. Proven by athletes.

Check out their site.

Get Dirty (3 LEFT!)

Because when you feel clean, you feel confident to GetDirty. On-the-go pocket sized must haves to keep you feeling fresh & clean all day long.

Check out their site.

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