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The holiday gifting campaign that helped leading brands Match with 300 student-athletes

“Student-athletes bring an effortless authenticity that aligns perfectly with our brand.”

March 28, 2024

Leading NIL athlete Sabrina Oostburg holds Slate Milk she received through the Season of Gifting

More than 300 student-athletes received free NIL product this month through MarketPryce’s Season of Gifting campaign.

Brands including Dr. Squatch, waterdrop and Slate connected with student-athletes from 120 schools across the country.

“The heart of MarketPryce’s mission is helping brands and student-athletes meet and form valuable relationships,” said MarketPryce CEO and Founder Jason Bergman. “Season of Gifting was an exciting way for us to accomplish that and give student-athletes a unique shared experience in gifting their friends.”

Every MarketPryce athlete could choose a gift and share gifts with up to three additional student-athletes. The campaign quickly caught on at campuses like Michigan, Washington, Seton Hall and Virginia — where 15 or more people participated.

MarketPryce Helps Student-Athletes Land NIL Deals

More than 50 Marshall student-athletes shared gifts, making The Herd MarketPryce’s “Most Generous” school this holiday season.

“We’re proud to see that so many Marshall student-athletes are eagerly chasing NIL opportunities,” said Sean Tuttle, Marshall’s Associate Athletics Director for Compliance. “This was an awesome way for a lot of them to get their foot in the door to the space and meet some great, national brands.”

The brands most often selected by student-athletes included House Pickleball, G.O.A.T. Fuel, My/Mochi and Slate.

MarketPryce Helps Brands Reach Authentic Ambassadors

Topping the list with nearly 100 athlete selections was House of Premier, an up-and-coming lifestyle apparel brand. Founder Ebony Ivey is eyeing student-athletes as a core demographic for the business, which made Season of Gifting a perfect fit.

“We know how valuable it is to build relationships with student-athletes,” Ivey said. “They bring an effortless authenticity that aligns perfectly with our brand — we can’t wait to ship these gifts out to campuses across the country.”

While House of Premier was the most popular brand overall, House Pickleball (no relation) was the first brand to run out of available gifts.

“MarketPryce’s innovative platform that connects brands with the dynamic world of college sports helped us once again see an inspiring trend,” said founder Mark Vermylen. “The popularity of pickleball continues to grow among young athletes.”

Texas swimmer Kelly Pash chose product from House Pickleball and enjoyed sharing gifts with two fellow Longhorns.

“This is such an easy way for student-athletes to get that first NIL experience, or just share a free gift with a friend,” said the 20-time All-American. “I’m excited to use my pickleball kit and already looking forward to the next round of gifting.”

Added Belmont thrower Sabrina Oostburg: “I'm always looking for ways to make the most of my NIL. This campaign was awesome because it helped me share opportunities with a couple friends, too. Plus I loved having a case of Slate to bring home after the Fall semester."

After such a positive response from student-athletes, Bergman said MarketPryce plans to launch a similar campaign around Valentine’s Day.

“We know student-athletes love shared experiences and the opportunity to take advantage of NIL with their peers,” he said. “We can’t wait to build on this.”

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MP athlete Sabrina Oostburg poses with her Slate Milk, received through the Season of Gifting.

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