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Valentine's Day Gift Guide: NIL Season of Gifting edition

These brands are waiting for you and your favorite special someone.

March 28, 2024

MarketPryce's Season of Gifting brands

Here's a list of every brand that participated in MarketPryce's 2024 NIL Season of Gifting: Valentine's Day edition.

It helped athletes pick the BEST gift for Valentine's Day.

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Bombas (SOLD OUT!) 

Bombas makes the most comfortable socks in the history of feet. One Purchased = One Donated. 

That's a perfect Valentine's Day gift in our book.

Check out their site.

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Spirulina is the main ingredient in BLUwater. Due to its high antioxidant content (mainly a blue protein called phycocyanin), it has been reported to help body detoxifying processes and support liver and kidney functions.

It also provides anti-inflammatory benefits along with vegan protein and calcium while boosting immunity and energy.

For the valentine who loves taking care of their body.

Check out their site.


My/Mochi Ice Cream is a delicious, multi-textural sensation of cool, creamy premium ice cream wrapped in sweet, pillowy rice dough. It’s a handheld snack that’s great on-the-go; no spoon required! And at only 80 calories per piece, it’s perfectly portioned for guilt-free snacking.

What Valentine doesn't want to be wrapped up like ice cream in a pillowy rice dough? 

Check out their site.

House Pickleball (SOLD OUT!)

House created the Bread 'n Butter paddle because they weren't satisfied with the look of the dominant brands they were seeing on local courts. Many looked to have an outdated 1990's fitness equipment aesthetic. So, they decided to design a new paddle from the ground up.

Don't leave your Valentine in a pickle.

Check out their site.


Conquering negative habits and developing positive habits is challenging. There are many components that contribute to dependence on existing negative habits. Füm directly addresses some of these components in a natural, non-addictive way.

For the Valentine who's trying to give up vaping.

Check out their site.

Against The Grain

They started this whole grain-free baking thing back more than a decade before “gluten-free” was even really a thing. And from the beginning, Against The Grain has gone their own way, trying to do things better than the standard.

For the Valentine who has a pizza your heart.

Check out their site.

Snow Days

If you were lucky enough to experience Snow Days as a kid, then you know they were days of absolute freedom. Snow ball fights, movies, and pizza bites galore! Snow Days want you to feel that freedom as an adult, so they reimagined the foods you loved (before you knew they were crap) with real, organic, and super-clean ingredients.

Only for Valentine's with taste.

Check out their site.

Gameday Couture

All the officially licensed collegiate apparel with a modern flare. Female owned + operated.

For fashionable Valentines ONLY.

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