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How Dr. Squatch tapped authentic brand fandom through NIL

​​“It was just awesome, because I really use the soap."

March 28, 2024

Marshall football alum Devin Miller poses with Dr. Squatch soap after their NIL deal

He surely wasn't thinking about marketability at the time, but one fateful play helped a Marshall football player realize the power of authentic partnerships.

Devin Miller, then a senior, caught the go-ahead touchdown pass against heavily favored Notre Dame. His flawless execution in front of 80,000 frustrated spectators earned him a short stint in the national spotlight and permanent hero status among Thundering Herd fans.

He used the attention to collaborate with MarketPryce on a pitch to his dream name, image and likeness (NIL) deal: Dr. Squatch.

Not only did Dr. Squatch partner with Miller, they went on to a second activation with him to share NIL opportunities with Marshall football signees the following spring.

How the NIL deal worked

Miller could have pitched any brand, but he chose Dr. Squatch because he loves their product.

​​“It was just awesome, because I really use the soap,” he said. “People from Marshall are liking (our ad) and commenting, ‘Go Herd.’ It’s cool and authentic.”

The paid social post gained 30,000 views and 650 likes. Leading creator economy expert Lia Haberman highlighted the deal in her newsletter where she explored the power in authenticity:

Why It Works: In Miller, Dr. Squatch found not just another influencer but a true fan. And by partnering with the college athlete, they were able to penetrate the collegiate space and potentially expand their partnership with all of Marshall’s new signees.
This also had a social impact component, benefitting the amateur athletes getting their first NIL offer — a campaign is always stronger when there’s a greater purpose or way to create opportunities for everyone involved.
The partnership also points to the power of social listening: Magic happens when you make social listening a priority and take action on the conversations happening around your brand.

Earned media through NIL partnerships

Many NIL partnerships – particularly those rooted in authenticity or those with a novel twist – garner headlines.

Miller’s partnership was no exception. In addition to the mention in Haberman’s newsletter, it was covered by:

NIL matches in a fraction of the time

Finding true fans is a safe way to get started in the name, image and likeness space. There won't always be a singular moment like Miller's, but there is always value in connecting with culture drivers on college campuses.

MarketPryce helps marketing teams Match with opted-in student-athletes in minutes. Every Match is rooted in interests and values that student-athletes share through weekly Impact Questions. That means more opportunities to find real fans, like Dr. Squatch discovered in Devin Miller.

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