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NIL Gift Guide: International Women's Day

The Season of Gifting is back for International Women's Day. This time, it's exclusively for female student-athletes.

March 28, 2024

Here's every brand in the 2024 International Women's Day Season of Gifting storefront.

The NIL Season of Gifting is back for International Women's Day.

The following brands are excited to share free product with every female student-athlete on MarketPryce.

Women are invited to choose a gift for themselves from the storefront and a send a gift to another female student-athlete. This campaign is all about women uplifting each other.

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Juara (4 left!) 

Metta, Yoshiko and Jill founded Juara from a small apartment in New York City.

Juara's mission is to empower women to champion their natural beauty infusing beauty ritual in the process of experiencing the joy of self-care.

Check out their site.

Swair (26 left!)

Carrie and Meredith spent a summer together in 2007 running, doing yoga and attending bootcamps.

They created a Showerless Shampoo to cut down on the agonizing prep time that inevitably followed working out.

Check out their site.

Live Fluid (25 left!) 

This family owned and operated company is on a mission to create the best tasting, most effective drink mixes for hydration, sport, and recovery.

Check out their site.

House Pickleball (SOLD OUT!)

House created the Bread 'n Butter paddle because they weren't satisfied with the look of the dominant brands they were seeing on local courts. Many looked to have an outdated 1990's fitness equipment aesthetic.

So, they decided to design a new paddle from the ground up.

Check out their site.

Núnoo (SOLD OUT!) 

Danish sisters Pia Silfen-Jensen and Naja Silfen founded Núnoo in 2015.

They hope to make people feel great about themselves with that one item that perfects an outfit. It is all about being yourself and inspiring each other.

Check out their site.

Stakt (SOLD OUT!) 

Millie and Taylor discovered a need for a better yoga mat during at-home workouts over the last few years.

Following a lengthy process of research & design, they created Stakt: the first patent pending stackable fitness mat that features a unique, foldable design for greater support, flexibility and mobility as you move.

Check out their site.

Baude (25 left!)

Three best friends started this bodycare business not to fix "flaws." They're not here to optimize your shower, streamline it, or squeeze it for efficiency. Quite the opposite.

They're best friends who always get their greatest ideas in the shower, want clean products that are fun to use, and believe in the mood-melting power of scents.

Check out their site.


CompressionZ is meticulously designed to provide the most comfortable and functional clothing to help people feel good, look good, perform better, relax more and recover faster.

Check out their site.


RECO believes that taking care of your physical goes hand in hand with improving your mental.

The International Women's Day storefront will include:

Check out their site.

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