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How to 5x your athlete influencer outreach with JUARA Skincare

“Why MarketPryce would be great for every influencer program? It’s seamless.”

May 10, 2024

Student-athlete creators pose with JUARA Skincare products they sampled through MarketPryce.

A quote that sums it up:

“It’s definitely helped me as someone who has a lot on my plate with my job. MarketPryce is like an assistant on my team. Before, I would send 10 emails [to influencers] and I’d get 1 back with interest. MarketPryce made my life easier.”

The problem solved:

JUARA Skincare was wasting time on influencer research, vetting and outreach.

MarketPryce has accelerated the team’s workflow while sparking valuable relationships with Gen Z student-athletes.

The savings:

JUARA Skincare was spending 5 hours per week to find and gift 50 influencers.

Now they spend 1.


With MarketPryce, JUARA Skincare is building a roster of coachable, engaged athletes much more efficiently.

How JUARA Skincare uses influencers to raise brand awareness

Maggie Stewart has worked as JUARA’s manager of social and community for nearly two years.

Her primary goal, broadly speaking, is to help more people learn about JUARA. The company sells skincare products inspired by Indonesia's ancient Jamu heritage. A key way they’re raising brand awareness is product gifting.

Historically, Maggie works with an assistant who sources influencer names and adds them to a spreadsheet. Then a time-consuming process ensues:

  • Maggie sends an email asking if they'd like free product
  • The influencer says YES or NO
  • Maggie asks if they require payment
  • The influencer says YES or NO
  • Maggie, if they say NO, asks for their address
  • Maggie, finally, moves their address to a spreadsheet and sends them product

MarketPryce's Matching algorithm delivers student-athletes who are excited to recieve free product.

So that painful back-and-forth is eliminated.

Capturing the same number of Matches 5x faster? It makes Maggie wish she had MarketPryce for all of her influencer outreach.

“Why MarketPryce would be great for every influencer program? It’s seamless,” she said. “If they match, I can see their email, shipping, what products they’re interested in. Instead of the back-and-forth … It’s huge.

“I haven’t seen another influencer program similar to this at all. I like the way it’s the dating app-style. And anyone we’ve matched with, they’re interested. We have a nearly 100 percent match rate.”

How athlete creators boost JUARA’s engagement

Maggie tracks how often JUARA is tagged in posts by the creators she sends product to.

After just two months using MarketPryce, that number nearly doubled.

Student-athletes are consistently excited to sample JUARA and post about them on their stories. Some, like Briana Brown (UT Arlington Volleyball), have gone above and beyond with in-feed posts.

“She made a whole Reel on our gift,” Maggie said. “That’s someone that in the future, we would totally want her as part of a paid campaign.”

Athletes are also engaging with Maggie’s weekly influencer email and surprising the brand with posts that feel authentic and culturally relevant.

“They’re just posting on their own," she said. "I don’t have to remind them ... and honestly I don’t have time to remind them. So it’s a sincere post too.”

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