What people are saying
"MarketPryce is a phenomenal platform for athletes, especially female athletes."
Madison Packer
Professional Hockey Player
"MarketPryce has helped us establish connections with many players/agents of which we wouldn't have previously been able to. The team has been great to work with and very accommodating to all needs from a brand perspective. I truly look forward to more opportunities working with them in the future."
Jason Lansing
Player's Trunk
"You can get free gear and deals where brands can pay you cash and you can help them build out their company."
Elizabeth Eddy
Professional Soccer Player
"MarketPryce allows you, in one click, to connect with companies and create sponsorship opportunities. Any kind of athlete and any agent should be on MarketPryce."
Michael Raymond
Founder, Raymond Representation
"MarketPryce allows you, in one click, to connect with companies and create sponsorship opportunities. Any kind of athlete and any agent should be on MarketPryce."
Rich Calabrese
Applied Botanics
"You go on there and there are hundreds of brands that are ready to work with athletes just like you. Within the first month, I've gotten hundreds of dollars from brand deals from MarketPryce."
Alex Glover
Volleyball Student Athlete
"I feel like the most popular person—we have nearly 30 applications in less than 24 hours!"
Lily Comba
"Within the first 18 hours of me signing up, I already closed a cash deal with a brand."
Rayquan Smith
Football Student Athlete
"What Jason and MarketPryce have been able to do in such a short period of time is incredible. Their platform is truly a win-win for both companies and athletes who are looking to grow their brand. As a startup, we are truly blessed and grateful for MarketPryce allowing us to gain great traction at such an early stage."
Dan Mooney
Founder at Speede
"To find an expert in sports marketing like Jason Bergman has been a breath of fresh air. MarketPryce offers my clients access to opportunities they would never know about. They are now my go-to company for marketing deals."
Jason Cole
Off Court Management
"It's like a dating app, but for athletes like myself to meet new brands and get sponsored. I love how easy it's been to connect with companies and make money."
Deondre Francois
Professional Football Player
"MarketPryce is a game-changer. By making access free and frictionless for brands, they have leveled the playing field for smaller/growing brands to connect with players and agents alike. I’ve already spoken with some of the biggest agencies in sports...a huge thank you to Jason & the MarketPryce team!"
Howie Busch
"Off to a great start with MarketPryce, as we just closed our first deal after only an hour and a half on the platform! Looking forward to closing many more deals together."
Ally Redig
Athlete Relations
"MarketPryce is the easiest platform for an athlete to use if you want to NIL deals."
Malik Staples
Football Student Athlete
"As an emerging brand in a competitive space, MarketPryce has been an excellent tool for connecting our marketing team with brand ambassadors whom we may not have had access to previously. The platform is simple and transparent, allowing for a seamless experience between brand and athlete."
Jake Selbst
"Working with MarketPryce as an athlete is a no-brainer! I've already connected with more brands this past month than I had the entire last year. High-quality brands looking for athletes to help share their products. Market Pryce is changing the athlete marketing game!"
Bill O'Brien
Professional Athlete
"As a startup, it has been unbelievably easy connecting to superstar athletes using Marketpryce. The Marketpryce team are true professionals, actively helping us achieve our goals and strategy."
Filip Ivanovski
Gametime Scoreboard
"Over the last two weeks, I've been able to close four to five business deals. No matter your following, how many likes you get on a picture, [MarketPryce] has got something for you."
Clyde Trapp
Basketball Student Athlete
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