Why we started marketpryce

By Jason Bergman and Shehryar Khan

Dear athletes and brands,

We created MarketPryce for you.

Nelson Mandela said, “Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does.”

We view our work through this lens. Athletes wield tremendous influence. And over the years, we've seen how sports can bring out the best in people and communities. That’s why authentic brand and athlete partnerships can be transformational for both parties.

Yet, for so many years, brand and athlete partnerships were reserved for only the top 1% – huge brands like Nike and athletes like Lebron James and Serena Williams. The athletes who were true superstars and brands with big checkbooks got a seat at the table.

Everyone else? Usually an afterthought.

We wanted to change that.

We started MarketPryce because closing deals wasn't accessible for all athletes.

The ‘creator economy’ is all about empowerment. It’s P2P – person-to-person. It's about the power of individuals vs. institutions.

We’re excited about the potential that shift unlocks, especially in sports, and especially in this new era of NIL. We want closing deals to be fun and exciting. We want a marketplace that makes authentic partnerships a reality for all athletes – college or professional; and all brands – from startups to local businesses to Fortune 500s.

You should have ownership of your brand. You should control your future. You should be able to easily build your network and access marketing opportunities.

With MarketPryce, that's our goal. And the opportunities are limitless.

If you use MarketPryce to its full potential, the possibilities are limitless. If you’re an athlete now, you’re constantly in the spotlight. But it’s a difficult truth to know that time is limited. We regretted not networking enough in college because we were naive to how impactful it could be for our futures.

We care deeply about empowering athletes not only through endorsement deals, but also through connections with businesses and peers that can last a lifetime. With MarketPryce, you can directly connect with influential business leaders – from marketing managers to founders to CEOs. That unlocks incredible opportunities.

You're not alone on this journey. We have a team dedicated to coaching, resourcing, and encouraging you and every MarketPryce athlete and brand along the way.

So if you invest the time and effort, if you adopt a growth mindset working with our team, there’s no stopping you.

Jason and Shehryar

What we're all about

Everything we do starts with our values: transparency, tenacity, and teamwork. We're united with purpose: each of us joined the team because of the potential to make an impact for athletes and businesses.

We're learners.

Growth mindset FTW. Book clubs, podcast clubs, or anything else, we love taking in new information.


We're a team of former athletes and raving fans. What we can all agree on: sports are a great way to bring people together.


"Squaddddd." "Goat." "Y'all rock!!!" Those messages pop up all the time in our team chat about teammates and clients we serve.

We're Determined.

We embrace the grind, but never at the expense of work-life balance. We're marathoners, former athletes, and side hustlers full of grit.

WE think big.

Our main goal is not only to help you grow your brand short-term, but also to sustain that growth and meet your goals long-term.

We're explorers.

We love to travel. From hiking in state parks to surfing on the coast to traveling abroad, we're an active bunch.

We're curious, not judgmental.

We like to ask questions. We believe everyone has a story to tell, and we're committed to listening to that story.

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