Speede Leverages Athlete Partnerships to Launch New Product

Speede leveraged athlete marketing as the cornerstone of their go-to-market strategy to create content and reach their target audience.

So you're a brand with a sports-related product, but how can you reach new customers? Our advice: Work with athletes.That's what Speede Fitness, a new fitness tech brand, and their founder Dan Mooney did.

The Athletes

For their go-to-market strategy, they partnered with athlete influencers like Terrell Owens, Mike Chandler, Blaise Ffrench, and Marquez Valdes-Scantling on event marketing and content creation.

Speede had a huge social media reach thanks to these partnerships (among others):

  • Blaise Ffrench, 2.3m followers
  • Mike Chandler, 1.1m followers
  • Terrell Owens, 519k followers
  • Marquez Valdes-Scantling, 137k followers

The Strategy

When you're coming out with a product in a competitive market, how do you get attention? How do you instantly earn trust with future customers?

Speede used athletes to generate momentum and tap into their target audience. Athletes were featured in launch videos for both social media and their website. On top of that, athletes posted on their personal social media accounts to drive traffic and awareness.

"When I first trained with Speede, I knew right away it was something different," said Chandler. "I started in-depth conversations with the engineers and founders because I've never been able to get that good of a pump in such a short period of time. I did five reps of bicep curls and felt like I'd been doing curls for hours."

"[MarketPryce] is truly a win-win for both companies and athletes who are looking to grow their brands, says Speed Founder, Dan Mooney. "As a startup, we are truly blessed and grateful for MarketPryce allowing us to gain great traction at such an early stage."

SPEEDE has since raised $2.5 million in funding in its seed round—oversubscribed from $2 million—and signed on new partners from the NFL, NBA, UFC and the business world.

About the Company:

Designed by aerospace engineers, Speede is the first fitness technology to combine isotonic, isokinetic and eccentric training for a more intense, more efficient workout.



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