Olivers Promotes Eco-Friendly Clothing With Athlete Advocates

Olivers partnered with professional volleyball player, Jeremy Casebeer, to promote the brand's recycled cotton and earth-friendly clothing.

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Ruth Moschner
Head of Operations

Olivers is a Los Angeles-based clothing company who sells premium athleisure for anyone who lives an active lifestyle. The Olivers slogan: "Performance apparel for the conscious athlete."

The Athlete

Jeremy Casebeer is a professional volleyball player. Outside of sports, Jeremy is a huge advocate for ocean protection and fighting climate change, even hosting his own podcast called "Our Impact."

Jeremy's social reach: 20,000+ across Instagram and Twitter

The Activation

After connecting on MarketPryce, Jeremy and Olivers partnered to promote the brand's recycled cotton and earth-friendly clothing. The partnership included a blog featuring an interview with Jeremy, a photo shoot with him in Olivers clothing, and multiple Instagram posts.

The Impact

Both Jeremy and the Olivers share similar values and passions, and they built a Campaign around their shared planet-forward approach. While it began from just sending free product, both parties built it into a much larger and more personalized Campaign. 

About the Company:

Olivers makes premium athletic staples reimagined for the 21st century.



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