Hirect Shines With NFL and College Stars and Makes Community Impact

The chat-based hiring app makes an impact with big-name football players and partners on a unique NIL scholarship deal.

Hirect, a chat-based hiring app, jumped straight into deals when they joined MarketPryce. Knowing the reach that football has with fans, the Hirect team secured partnerships with more than 6 student-athlete and professional football players. For student-athletes like Tayvon Bowers, Malik Staples, Jake Lichtenstein, and Isaiah Dickens, these deals required an Instagram post with a custom link for fans to check out.

The marquee deal was with NFL receiver Tyreek Hill. On both his Instagram story and his TikTok, Hill posted a video promoting Hirect. Currently, the video has more than 100,000 views.

One of the most creative partnerships came from working with Oregon State student-athlete Alex Austin. After Shawn O’Gorman, Austin’s agent, connected with Hirect on MarketPryce, the pair decided that they wanted to do something bigger than just a one-off deal. Knowing Austin’s strong desire to serve his community, Shawn and Hirect looped in Access Scholarships, an organization that helps bring scholarships to life. 

Together, they collaborated to create the Alex Austin Overcoming Adversity Scholarship, which awards three scholarships to students who have overcome hardship in their lives. Hirect was able to do good and grow their brand through a single partnership.

Hirect had a huge social media reach thanks to these partnerships:

  • Tyreek Hill, 1.9 million followers
  • Alex Austin, 11.6k followers
  • Malik Staples, 10.9k followers
  • Tayvon Bowers, 44k followers
  • Jake Lichtenstein, 4k followers

Plus, by diversifying the geographic locations of their athlete partners, Hirect ensured maximum reach to grow their brand awareness. 

Lessons Learned:

  • You don’t have to be a sports brand to do athlete marketing. Hirect isn’t the typical sports drink or fitness equipment brand, but they still took value from athlete marketing. 
  • Be groundbreaking. Doing something historical, like setting up an NIL scholarship, will make you stand out and you’ll reap the benefits for the long term. 

About the Company:

Hirect is a chat-based hiring app for start-up recruiters and job seekers.



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