Go Heart Builds Their Athlete Roster To Create Inspirational Content

How the hat brand connected with dozens of student-athletes on MarketPryce to generate inspirational content and attract new customers.

The Summary

  • Go Heart is a hat brand that has worked with more than a dozen different student-athletes on MarketPryce.
  • They received 100+ applications from athletes and had 60+ conversations in just a few weeks. 
  • Athletes came from five different sports with followings from a few hundred to nearly 10,000. 

The Story

Hat brand Go Heart has a simple mission: inspire. In many ways, their team wants to motivate and be a catalyst for change, tapping into different areas that need it. Who better to spread messages of motivation than those who spend all day pushing their body to the brink? Of course, we’re talking about athletes. 

Go Heart joined MarketPryce with a goal to connect with athletes and empower them to inspire. That’s just what they did.

Go Heart posted a cash Campaign asking athletes to collaborate and make custom hats based on their personal mottos. In just a few weeks, they received 122 applications from interested athletes. From there, they had 60+ conversations. Eventually, 12 different student-athletes created content for them on Instagram; more are expected to share content in the coming months.

Most of the videos were video testimonials, where the athletes talked about their chosen mottos on their Go Heart hats, which ranged from “Believe in Yourself” to “Be Kind”.To see what they looked like, check out videos from University of Florida swimmer Vanessa Pearl, Western Michigan football player Eleash Anderson, and Greensboro College basketball player Amillia Huggins.

Lessons Learned

  • Range is good. Working with both male and female athletes from various sports not only increases your reach, but also shows that your product works for different groups of people. 
  • Content can live on the athlete's page and yours. Go Heart posted most of the videos and photos athletes shared on their individual profiles to their company page. If you’re struggling to generate content for social media posts, athlete marketing can help. 
  • Think of athlete marketing as building a team. Go Heart filled out a whole squad of ambassadors who love their product and will go to bat for it. They now have more options to run activations around the roster they’ve built.

About the Company:

Go Heart has a goal to inspire 1 million people. Through their hats, Go Heart wants to share positivity, encourage action, and fuel our customers to do the same.



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