ESportz Network Uses Athlete Marketing to Grow Awareness

Esportz Network connected with several athletes on MarketPryce and partnered with them on a live gameplay stream.

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Mike Drossden
Account Manager

The Athletes

Esportz Network has worked with a number of professional athletes through MarketPryce, all of whom have a love for gaming:

  • Austin Ekeler, Football (Social Reach: 176,000)
  • Zach Collins, Basketball (Social Reach: 130,000)
  • Marquez Valdes-Scantling, Football (Social Reach: (120,000)
  • Alan Berstein, John Franklin III, Chris Conley, Darrynton Evans, David Montgomery
  • Combined social reach 2M+

The Activation

Esportz Network connected with each athlete on MarketPryce and booked each one for a 45-minute episode featuring an interview and gameplay.

The athletes then promoted the appearance to their followers to generate additional interest.

"MarketPryce is a no-brainer solution for any brand looking to work with professional athletes," said CEO, Mark Thimming. "They've made athlete marketing and media booking so much easier and I can't believe it's free to use [for brands]."

Why We Love It

Video gaming is an increasingly popular pastime (and even livelihood) for athletes, and many included in these activations were thrilled to do a media appearance regarding it.

This deal is a great example of using MarketPryce as an interview booking platform, which can be done by media companies, DTC brands, or non-profits.

About the Company:

Esportz Network is the hub for the latest esports news.


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