Breinfuel Attracts New Customers With Athlete Ambassadors

Breinfuel partnered with pro athletes to develop brand content, reach new audiences, and spark an energy revolution.

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Jake Selbst
Head of Operations

"As an emerging brand in a competitive space, MarketPryce has been an excellent tool for connecting our marketing team with brand ambassadors whom we may not have had access to previously. The platform is simple and transparent, allowing for a seamless experience between brand and athlete." (Jake Selbst)

The Athletes

Breinfuel has worked with a number of pro athletes through MarketPryce:

  • Alyssa Mautz, Soccer (Social Reach: 11,000 on Instagram and Twitter)
  • Bill O'Brien, Lacrosse (Social Reach: 70,000 on Instagram, Twitter and Youtube)
  • Joe Nardella, Lacrosse (Social Reach: 17,000 on Instagram and Twitter

The Activation

Bill O'Brien and Joe Nardella filmed videos and posted products for the brand, serving as their ambassadors to the rapidly-growing Lacrosse community.

Alyssa Mautz committed to multiple Instagram and Twitter posts promoting different Breinfule flavors as part of a 3-month contract

The Impact

Breinfuel is utilizing the cost-efficient nature of working with smaller athletes to increase the number of deals they can do in a very competitive industry.

As a drink brand that improves focus and concentration, they knew athletes were a perfect fit for their brand and were able to connect with a wide range on MarketPryce. 

About the Company:

Breinfuel implements low-glycemic, metabolic fuels alongside a natural caffeine blend.



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