Behind the Deal: A Breakdown of Our Partnership With Rising Spear

MarketPryce CEO and Co-Founder, Jason Bergman, breaks down the details behind our partnership with Rising Spear.

Written by Jason Bergman, CEO and Co-Founder

This week we're announcing the biggest deal in MarketPryce history with the amazing team at Rising Spear, an NIL collective that works with Florida State University student-athletes. This partnership will empower every Florida State student-athlete to maximize their NIL potential.

Let me break down exactly what this deal entails.


Rising Spear will be covering membership on MarketPryce for every FSU student-athlete over the next two years. We know every FSU student-athlete will not be signing up to MarketPryce today, but our mutual goal is to get there as soon as possible. FSU student-athletes will be able to open the MarketPryce app and instantly gain access to hundreds of brands that are actively seeking endorsement deals with athletes.

The Athlete Impact #1: Deals

We’re granting them unlimited access to the best NIL opportunities (both national and local) in the country via MarketPryce. On MarketPryce, any FSU student-athlete will be able to connect with 500+ national brands and exciting startups.

The Athlete Impact #2: Strategy

Student-athletes will get unlimited access to our athlete strategy team to guide them on topics they want to learn more about like building their personal brand, how to best communicate with brands, telling their personal story, and more. Our people are what make MarketPryce special, and FSU student-athletes will experience that. 

The Athlete Impact #3: Community

Network with all other FSU student-athletes in group "huddles" at MarketPryce, as well as all other athletes in our larger MP community.Build strong connections with other passionate and driven student-athletes and grow together. 

The Local Business Impact: Connection

MarketPryce is always free for businesses to sign up, but we will provide extra support to "Nole Friendly" businesses in the FSU community (Tallahassee especially). Helping businesses connect with athletes is our bread and butter. The MarketPryce platform provides direct communication between Rising Spear student-athletes and local businesses in Tallahassee

Is Florida State Involved?

Contractually, Florida State is not involved. Due to Florida state law, we are working directly with the Rising Spear on this agreement. 

Our Goal at MarketPryce

We started MarketPryce with the goal to break down any barriers of entry to athlete marketing by empowering athletes and businesses to grow together.

Now in Tallahassee, that's happening. If you’re a business owner who wants to work with FSU student-athletes, click here.

Thank you Alan, Bob, Matt and the rest of the Rising Spear team for being so amazing to work with throughout this process.

Now the real fun begins...

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