Keeley Davis Connects With 18 Brands in Two Months

Keeley Davis, a volleyball student-athlete at Creighton University, closed more than 10 marketing deals in her first month on MarketPryce.

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  • Creighton Volleyball Player Keeley Davis connected with nearly 20 brands in her first two months on the platform.
  • In addition to a few cash deals, Keeley received more than $1,000 worth of free product from brands on MarketPryce, a 2,000% Return on Invetment when you consider the three-month membership fee of $45.
  • Even though her follower numbers aren’t in the tens of thousands, she made passionate pitches to each brand via MarketPryce chat.
  • Keeley is a great example of a student-athlete quickly taking to MarketPryce and all that it lets you do

The Story

With a total following across all social media platforms that is a little over 7,000, Creighton Volleyball player Keeley Davis isn’t necessarily the most-followed athlete on MarketPryce, but she’s built a nice audience! Most athletes, especially student-athletes, sit in a similar position to Keeley.

Keeley didn’t feel boxed in by her social media statistics and took to MarketPryce immediately after signing up in mid-January 2022. She started applying to a number of brand Campaigns, which is kind of like a job posting on MarketPryce, and then messaging back and forth on through our chat. Whether it was sitting at a computer or on the MarketPryce mobile app, Keeley made amazing connections with brands over the course of her first two months on MarketPryce.

In fact, she connected with 18 different brands, which we believe to be a MarketPryce record. Here is the comprehensive list of brands:

  • UFO
  • BringIT Bags
  • Oats Overnight,
  • TakeTwo Barley Milk
  • Ann Marie skincare
  • Suja Juice
  • Silk and Sonder
  • Friska
  • Salsa queen
  • Humble brands
  • Agogie
  • Gaelle Organic
  • Tamam life
  • 2FIT Brands
  • Uplift foods
  • TomboyX
  • Yoga Strong
  • Shady Rays

As you can see, there is a lot of variety on that list! Because so many athletes have a range of interests and tastes, we keep the Campaigns page stocked with tons of different brands.

In addition to a few cash deals, Keeley’s efforts earned her more than $1,000 worth of free product from brands. That’s a return on investment of 2,000% Return on Investment when you consider the three-month membership fee of $45.

Keeley’s record-breaking story is one that all athletes can learn from and we’re so glad to have her on MarketPryce.


Keeley Davis is a volleyball player at Creighton University

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