We believe that athletes can positively use their influence to grow brands they believe in. Our goal: help athletes and brands of all levels and sizes grow. Read our Founder Story and why we started MarketPryce.

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Meet the Squad

Hey Siri, play 'Sirius' by The Alan Parsons Project. It's time to meet our roster. We're a fully remote crew of former athletes, agents, and creators passionate about helping athletes and brands reach their goals.

Jason Bergman
CEO and Co-Founder

The engine that started MarketPryce, Jason is known for his enthusiasm, his passion for athlete empowerment, and leaning way too close to the camera during video calls.

📍 New York City

Lindsay Calabrese
Head of Partnerships

With over 10 years in influencer marketing, Lindsay crafts innovative collaborations that benefit both athletes and brands. A former student-athlete herself, she prioritizes athletes' interests.

📍 Los Angeles

Dakota Crawford
Head of Marketing

From INDYCAR to the NHL, Dakota has empowered athletes to own their stories on social. He loves books, board games, and basketball – while he may not shoot like Steph, he's the ultimate glue guy.


Head of Athlete Engagement

The Kevin Bacon of sports business, Michael is passionate about connecting people from all across the industry to make marketing magic happen, while ending every conversation with FIGHT ON!


Jeremy Johnson
University Partnerships

A baseball coach with a decade of experience in working with universities. Jeremy packs a punch with the talent he brings to the team.

📍 Atlanta

John Kenny
Athlete Partnerships

A former D1 football player, John’s energy can make you feel ready to run through a brick wall (and you can be sure he’ll be running with you).

📍 Indianapolis

Shehryar Khan
CTO and Co-Founder

Whether he's writing lines of code, joking to his colleagues, or crafting his world-famous Yelp reviews, Shehryar, the creator of our cutting edge tech, will always deliver.

📍 New York City

Tailon Leitzsey
Athlete Engagement

A Witten Collegiate Man of the Year nominee, excels in athlete engagement, helping athletes win off the field through personal branding, apparel, and even non-profit support.

📍 Boston

Rob Martin
Athlete Engagement

Rob is a magician when it comes to connecting brands with people to create meaningful experiences. He is a cross-functional team leader who puts

📍 LA

Zach Samuelson
Full Stack Developer

The second person ever to touch MarketPryce’s code, Zach can accomplish nearly any task (except willing the Buffalo Bills to a Super Bowl).

📍 New York City

Melanie Shell

She’s worked with athletes her whole life. After one conversation with Melanie, she’ll make you feel like you're Hall of Fame material.

📍 Los Angeles

What we're all about

Everything we do starts with our values: transparency, tenacity, and teamwork. We're united with purpose: each of us joined the team because of the potential to make an impact for athletes and businesses.

We're learners.

Growth mindset FTW. Book clubs, podcast clubs, or anything else, we love taking in new information.


We're a team of former athletes and raving fans. What we can all agree on: sports are a great way to bring people together.


"Squaddddd." "Goat." "Y'all rock!!!" Those messages pop up all the time in our team chat about teammates and clients we serve.

We're Determined.

We embrace the grind, but never at the expense of work-life balance. We're marathoners, former athletes, and side hustlers full of grit.

WE think big.

Our main goal is not only to help you grow your brand short-term, but also to sustain that growth and meet your goals long-term.

We're explorers.

We love to travel. From hiking in state parks to surfing on the coast to traveling abroad, we're an active bunch.

We're curious, not judgmental.

We like to ask questions. We believe everyone has a story to tell, and we're committed to listening to that story.

What we've been up to

What's goin' on, you ask? Here's the latest in company, team, and industry news.

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